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Thoreau bust comes to the web in 3D

Mark Gallagher, doctoral candidate in English at UCLA, Research and Instructional Technology Consultant at the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities, and editor of the Thoreau Society Bulletin collaborated with Tom Hersey, who teaches writing at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, to produce this 3D photogrammetric reconstruction of Walton Ricketson’s 1898 bust of Thoreau, based on the original at the Thoreau Institute Library of the Walden Woods Project.

If the model doesn’t show up for you below, you can go to it directly on Sketchfab here. Click the “play” button, zoom to fullscreen, and rotate the image for a full experience of Ricketson’s sculpture — or as full an experience as you’ll get without a trip to the Thoreau Institute Library itself (recommended).

If you have a VR headset or Google’s cardboard VR viewer, you can also see the bust in virtual reality.